Benefits and Services

As a RAHC staff member, you are provided with a platform that allows you contribute to the development and understanding of various rich cultures, languages, and traditions of the region through your work, alongside access to a highly competitive benefits and services package that has been carefully created to motivate, train, and reward our team.  

It is however important to note that benefits eligibility and details vary based on staff’s employment type and location. 

  • Base Salary: Every member of our team is entitled to a base salary determined by the grade/level of the post specified and applied for, as well as the existence of any dependants. The base salary is payable mainly in the local currency of the staff member’s duty station. 
  • Employee Health Insurance: As a part of our team, you will be provided with access to one of the RAHC’s sponsored medical insurance plans. The nature of this insurance plan is dependent on staff position and role, affording beneficiaries with either a comprehensive plan or a monthly premium co-shared with the RAHC. 
  • Pension Plan: If you have an appointment of six months or more, or complete six months of service without interruption, you become a participant in the ECOWAS Pension Fund. This fund will be co-funded from a compulsory contribution deducted from your monthly salary.
  • Travel Expenses/Relocation Support: In the case of international recruitment or transfer, the RAHC provides staff and their dependants – spouse and children – with travel expenses to cover the cost of movement from their current location to their assigned duty station. This also covers costs for settling in, shipping, storage of household goods, and excess baggage. 
  • Leave: Apart from paid holidays which differ from country to country, each member of staff is entitled to a paid leave period – duration is dependent on contract and employment type. 
  • Career and Educational Enhancement: At the RAHC, we believe that for our team to facilitate the implementation of our goals and objectives, knowledge and growth is required. This is why we support the development of every staff member by providing tools and opportunities like on-the-job training, workshops, and courses, to further expand their knowledge base and cement their positions as valuable contributors to the sector.